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          I created the SPIN KNIT system so I could easily spin and wind my own yarns

      in the comfort of my home, which is fairly small...consequently, the system is compact. 

        Spinning is FUN!  Knitting a scarf from yarn that you spun yourself is an    amazing              experience!  

     If you have any interest at all in spinning, please explore this website.  I make the spindles

     myself.  The REEL-SWIFT-SKIENER  is hand tooled and multi-functional.  Everything you

     need to make a scarf from scratchis included in the package. I made this system with

     the joy of spinning in my heart so you might enjoy it too.


                                     Please have fun and enjoy!



                 TAKLI SPINDLE


  This is the type of spindle that Gandhi promoted in his struggle for independence

      for India's poor.  He is said to have stated that if everyone in India spun for an hour a

      day, all of India would be clothed.

      It is made for small length fibers to be spun into fine yarn.  It spins like a top when

      held between your thumb and forefinger, allowing twist to run up the  length of yarn

      you are spinning. 

      It is 9 inches tall with a whorl on the bottom end about the size of a quarter.

      My spindles come with a camel down leader attached for your convenience.  Once it is full,

      as pictured, you wind the yarn to the Navajo spindle with a spool on it.

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     This floor spindle is for thicker yarns.  It can also be used to make two-ply yarn from two

     single-ply yarns.  The single-ply is wound from the Takli onto two spools.  

      Each spool is then placed on the REEL-SWIFT-SKIENER, then plied in the

     opposite direction onto the NAVAJO spindle.

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     This is the key to the SPIN KNIT system. 

     It is used to hold spools of single-ply,

                         for winding yarns for wetting and setting,       

                                                    measuring tassels, winding balls, 

                                                                even setting and blocking your final scarf...

     It is designed to come apart and stay together,

                           depending on the function you are using it for.


     The dowel caps lock and unlock with a simple twist and pull.






     When plying two yarns, the individual yarns are threaded through the two dowels to prevent

     premature twisting. 

    This allows you to control the process, as the two yarns naturally want to

     ply together and easily become tangled.




     After plying into a single length of two-ply, the yarn is reeled back onto the skeiner.





     NOTE: always carry the REEL-SWIFT-SKEINER from the top dowel,  NOT THE  SIDES !

     It is designed to stay together when held this way.  If you hold it from the side, it will come

     apart.  All the dowels are precision fit into the holes except the top dowel with the two

     dowel caps.

     Now the yarn is ready to be set.  Spray it with a fine mist from your hose until thoroughly

     wet.  Then hang it outside in the sun till dry.  This will set the twist in your yarn for easy




     Now the two-ply yarn is ready to be wound into a ball.  Insert the center dowel and prop

     up between two chairs,  then wind into a ball.

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                                                       More Info:



     Included in the system is an instructional DVD, 4 oz. of camel down divided into two bags

     (each bag to be spun and wound onto a separate spool, included), sample cards of one and

     two-ply yarn, knitting needles and patterns.

     The DVD has step by step instructions, all you need to know to learn spinning and knitting.

     It is easier to explain with a picture!

     This system is designed to make spinning easy. 

      It is perfect for an intermediate or advanced spinner,

       but I believe a beginner  can use this system just as well.  If you are unsure if

     this is for you, just order and watch  the DVD first.


     I sell the system as a complete set.  It includes:

                            Takli spindle with leader attached

                            Navajo floor spindle with two spools for 2-ply


                            4 oz. camel down in two 2 oz. bags

                            Instructional DVD

                            Knitting needles, patterns and more....


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       Contact me through my Etsy site if you have questions. 

      If you want occasional e-mail updates, click here. 

      (I won't send info more than once a month.) 

       I do have some new stuff coming up!



     A good website I found for hand spinners is http://www.joyofhandspinning.com

           This is for the store.  Go to the discussion forum and sign in. 

     It is a new site,  but reading through the previous comments can be informative. 

     It takes the moderator a few days to respond to questions, but it is worth it. He is

     very informed.


     Need fibers?  I get mine at    http://www.littlebarninc.com.

      Check out some of my music      http://www.myspace.com/davidbegnellband           

     And my friends music:    http://www.myspace.com/robwithamband


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     Make a base for the Reel-Swift-Skeiner from PVC


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            SPIN KNIT SYSTEM


          CASHMERE TW0-PLY



               WINDING A BALL






 Current Projects

      This is a Yak scarf I am knitting. Yak spins almost like camel down, but comes out a little nubby...



This is Alpaca.  Here I am plying from the Skiener to the Navajo spindle.  Alpaca is a long fiber, so you must card it before spinning.  It makes a really nice yarn!



               A close-up...


I carded this fiber from roving:


The fibers are relatively long,  so I card them into rolags for easy spinning:


more alpaca...




















































NEW  !!!

Knit Lockers...

Never drop another stitch

while knitting.  Set it down and come back later without worry!










If you need yarn and knitting supplies, classes in knitting and live near redlands, ca go see:


Hands On Knitting Center

922 New York Street, Suite A

Redlands, California


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